Years 11 & 12

These resources are provided for teachers and students to assist in exploring the Museum. Materials may also be used to assist in the delivery of classroom lessons.

High-school students partaking in school program



Modern History Trail

This trail encourages students to explore the Museum using their historical inquiry skills.

Physics Trail

This trail encourages students to explore the applications of physical principals. Students are able to gather data, make observations and test theories.



Physics in the Museum

This program encourages students to engage with a variety of Museum objects and conduct an Extended Experimental Investigation. The investigation can be based on the physical concepts of mechanics, heat & thermodynamics, sound & hearing, light & vision or electricity & magnetism.

Commuter Rail - Connecting People and Places

This senior geography program encourages students to explore the historical process that formed current systems of transport. Students are asked to provide solutions for the future development of rail in South East Queensland.

Marketing Tourism and the Museum

This program includes a presentation from Museum marketing and education staff. It explores the techniques used to develop the Museum into a leading tourist destination. Students can take on the role of marketer in order to create an award submission for the Museum.

Employment and Careers in Tourism

This program includes a presentation from Museum staff. It gives students the opportunity to explore future career prospects with in the tourism industry.



Introduction and Orientation to The Workshops Rail Museum

In this presentation, visitors are introduced to the Museum through a series of images. The history of the Ipswich Railway Workshops site is shared as well as an overview of the Museum and its different zones to help orientate students to the Museum, especially if they are utilising one of the Museum’s online education resources. For more information, contact our Learning, Events and Activities Officer when you make your booking.



Into the Vault

Discover the Museum collections not currently on display and develop an understanding of the role museums play in protecting and preserving the past. Sessions are suitable for children aged 12 - 17.

Bookings are essential and charges apply.