Year 3 & 4

Resources are provided for teachers and learners to assist with exploring the Museum. Some material may also be used in the delivery of classroom lessons.

Curriculum-linked Trails

'I Spy' Trail- Years 2 & 3 History and English

This downloadable and printable resource is designed for Years 2 and 3 students visiting the Museum. Students are provided with snapshots of parts of the objects on display in the Museum and search the different zones to find the full object and complete the questions. The activities are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: History and English, and encourage students to engage in a variety of tasks that cultivate their understanding of the past and the present, and community and remembrance. They will also develop their reading, viewing, writing and creating skills.

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt – Year 4 Science Trail

This trail develops students’ understanding of simple machines, the work they do and how they are utilised in real life railway contexts. Students will search for different types of simple machines within the buildings, locomotives, carriages and wagons in the Museum, and complete activities relating to these objects. They will identify the direct and indirect forces in the form of simple machines and communicate their ideas and understanding. The activities are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science for Year 4 students.

Curriculum-linked Excursion Project

Rail Transportation: Past and Present – Year 3 History and English

This program of work aims to enhance students’ understanding of train development and rail as a form of transport over time and encourage students to reflect on the experiences, attitudes and histories of family members and others in relation to train travel.

It is aligned with the Australia Curriculum: History and English and can be linked to school units of work on Continuity and Remembrance. The student worksheet consists of activities students can do before, during and after their visit to the Museum. There is also a teacher guide and resources section included in the program.

Self-guided trails are free.

NEW! Facilitated Programs in 2019

Introduction to the Railway Workshops

Get on board and take a journey to enrich your Museum visit.This staff-led presentation is accompanied with a self-guided ‘scavenger hunt’ that will get your students thinking critically while exploring objects, little and large.This multi-sensory presentation and investigation motivates inquiry learning, while taking you through the museum collections.

Audience: Year 3 & 4
Curriculum: HASS | History | Geography; Technologies | Design and Technologies

Then and Now - Investigating yesteryear, today

Life for families in Queensland’s past looked different to today. This session explores how technology has changed and how life in “the olden days” may have looked to a child 50 or 100 years ago. Using the historical backdrop of the former Ipswich Railway Workshops, students participate in guided investigations and interpretations, comparing lifestyles, technologies and the story of rail. This staff-led program uses collections of objects, images and stories to help students understand their world, past and present.

Audience: Year 3
Curriculum: HASS | History | Geography; Technologies | Design and Technologies

Facilitated programs incur a $6 per student fee.