Years 7 & 8

These resources are provided for teachers and students to assist in exploring the Museum. Materials may also be used to assist in the delivery of classroom lessons.



Science of Rail Trail

The activities in this excursion worksheet are based on the science stations located throughout the Museum. Through hands-on experimentation, students will develop and understanding of energy and change and how these concepts apply to real life and rail related contexts. The activities are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science for Years 6 to 8 students.

Gear Ratio and Scale Maths Trail – Years 8 to 10

This excursion worksheet is based on the Science Stations and Zone 6: Model Railway in the Museum. The activities cover the mathematical concepts of gear ratio and scale and are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. Students explore these mathematical concepts through hands-on exploration of the relevant science station and viewing the model railway display.  The activities support in-class work on gear ratio and scale.

Energy & Change Science Trail - Years 8 to 10

This trail challenges students to develop their own energy efficient device. Students are able to explore the Museum and experiment with the hands-on science stations to help them design their own device based on the scientific concepts of: magnetic forces; electromagnetism; energy storage; balancing forces; magnetic repulsion; and simple machines. Aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science, this excursion worksheet is suitable for students from Years 8 to 10.



Simple Machines

This program of work for Year 7 students explores simple machines and their uses in everyday life and rail-related situations. It consists of a teacher guide and a student workbook, and includes pre- and post-excursion activities. By examining photographs and objects, and visiting The Workshops Rail Museum, students will investigate a number of simple and compound machines in order to develop their understanding of how these machines work, the forces involved, and their functions in daily life. It is aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science, Technologies and English.



Introduction and Orientation to The Workshops Rail Museum

In this presentation, visitors are introduced to the Museum through a series of images. The history of the Ipswich Railway Workshops site is shared as well as an overview of the Museum and its different zones to help orientate students to the Museum, especially if they are utilising one of the Museum’s online education resources. For more information, contact our Learning, Events and Activities Officer when you make your booking.

Years 2 to 7 Simple Machines Presentation

This visual presentation provides an overview of the six simple machines, their uses and the types of rail-related and everyday objects in which these machines can be found. Realia and images add to the learning experience and students are able to contribute throughout the presentation through quick quizzes and challenge questions. Suitable for multiple year levels from Year 2 to Year 7. For more information, contact our Learning, Events and Activities Officer when you make your booking.



Power of Repulsion (Years 4-7)

In this workshop, students investigate magnetic forces through a range of hands-on activities, demonstrations, discussions and images. It is designed to support in-class units of work on forces, motion, pushes and pulls. Students develop their skills in scientific knowledge and inquiry, design and construction, and collaboration through a series of activities where they design and build prototypes to test their knowledge of magnetic forces. The culminating activity is to design, build, test and refine a maglev (magnetic levitation) train.

Curriculum: Science | Physical Sciences; Design and Technologies | Processes and Production Skills

Simple Machines

This workshop is a hands-on approach to learning about simple machines. It can be tailored to suit children aged 7-13 years. The workshop will give students an opportunity to explore simple machines using specialised LEGO kits and will look at how simple machines can be used at home, school and in the railway.        

Into the Vault

Discover the Museum collections not currently on display and develop an understanding of the role Museums play in protecting and preserving the past. Sessions are suitable for children aged 12 - 17.

Bookings are essential and charges apply for all workshops. To book go to the online booking form