Teacher resources

We can assist you with the school resources and programs that may optimise the learning experience for your class. Contact our Booking Officer for more information.

Education ENews

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Teacher's Guide

This pictorial guide provides teachers with an overview of the different zones the Museum has to offer. It offers suggestions on items to point out to students, plus possible discussion questions and topics.

School Self-guided Programs

Browse ready-to-deliver downloadable trails & workbooks to focus your visit.

Facilitated Programs

Start your school visit with a facilitated program by our Museum Learning Officer. We offer a history of rail program to all year levels, a simple machines program for Year 2 to 7, and an Industrial Revolution program for Year 9. For more information, contact us.

Professional Development

A free orientation visit is available for teachers to provide an overview of the Museum site.

Queensland Museum Loans Kits

The Workshops Rail Museum is a distribution centre for the acclaimed Queensland Museum Loans service. We have a range of kits available free of charge and can be changed each semester to suit class activities. Kits are also available to community groups (eg historical societies, nursing homes, pre-schools).

Kits can be hired for two weeks, in set two-week blocks. One kit per teacher/facilitators at any one timeContact us for more information.