'The Workshops', as it is affectionately known, is a site that is steeped in history. The very first train to run in Queensland steamed from here to Bigges Camp, now Grandchester, over 145 years ago.

For decades the site was the centre of rail construction, maintenance and technology for Queensland’s burgeoning rail industry. In its time over 200 steam locomotives were constructed here.

Thousands of workers have called The Workshops their home over the years. During its peak in WWII, over 3,000 people worked on site, making it the State's largest employer at that time.

Now, The Workshops is once again an icon for the region. The rebirth of the site in 2002 as a world class rail museum, coupled with the oldest continually operating railway workshops in Australia, makes for a visitor experience second to none. 

Visit The Workshops Rail Museum to find about more about the history of the site.