Railways and Floods – call for images

Inkerman Bridge, Burdekin River. Home Hill train being towed by donkey engine, Feb. 1922. Inkerman Bridge, Burdekin River. Home Hill train being towed by donkey engine, Feb. 1922.Track gang repairing flood damaged track, Wacol - Redbank area, 1974Track gang repairing flood damaged track, Wacol - Redbank area, 1974Burdekin River Bridge destroyed by floodsBurdekin River Bridge destroyed by floods

Floods have had a major impact on railway infrastructure throughout the last 145 years of Queensland history. From earliest railway washouts on the first rail line to Grandchester, to the recent disaster across much of the state, railways have continued wherever possible to operate through these trying conditions.

The Museum is keen to ensure we have a record of the current flood disaster and to add to our existing collection of images from past floods. 

Can you help?

Do you have a photograph, new or old, of railways in flood for possible inclusion in our Collection? These may include:

  • Trains going through flood waters
  • Railway lines and bridges under flood
  • Damaged railway infrastructure
  • Repairing flood damage on the railways

Guidelines for images

All images to be submitted in digital format, preferably jpg or tif.
File size must not be larger than 500KB. If your image is selected we will contact you for a higher resolution.

How to submit images

Send an email to images@theworkshops.qm.qld.gov.au with ‘Railways and Floods’ in the subject line. Attach your image(s) and include the following in the body of the email:

  • Your name, phone number and postal address
  • Location of the image and date when it was taken
  • Whether the image is available in a higher resolution.

If you wish to submit photographs by another method, please contact us at the above email address.



By sending a photograph to us you agree to allow us to contact you regarding the photograph.

All images are sent or transmitted at the photographer’s own risk, although care will be taken by The Workshops Rail Museum / Queensland Museum staff. The photographer releases from liability for any damage to, or loss of, submitted material.

In submitting the photograph you are asserting your ownership of the image and rights to donate the image to The Workshops Rail Museum / Queensland Museum.

It is the owner’s responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions and releases from people that appear in the photograph.

Before we use any photographs we will contact you directly as a prospective donor to the collection and formally arrange to accept the photograph and address copyright matters. Please note that photographs will not be purchased.