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Railway Heritage Conference 2009

Speaker presentations and papers from the international 2009 Railway Heritage Conference, hosted by The Workshops Rail Museum. 

TINHATT Discussion (day 1, session 1)

A Reprise of the Reasons for Forming a Worldwide Body (1462 KB) pdf document icon
David T Morgan, Chairman of the Heritage Railway Association, UK

The Third World Steam and Tourist Train Congress 2009 (2663 KB) pdf document icon
Quique Diaz, El Tren del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Train), Argentina

TINHATT Discussion (286 KB) pdf document icon
Chris LeMarshall, Director, Linquage International

Heritage (day 1, session 2)

Legal Protection for Railway Heritage - The UK Experience (874 KB) pdf document icon
Peter Ovenstone, Acting Chairman, UK Railway Heritage Committee
Neil Butters, Secretary, UK Railway Heritage Committee

Sustaining Our Rail Heritage (483 KB) pdf document icon
Marianne Hammerton, Director, Office of Rail Heritage, Rail Corporation of New South Wales

Training & Regulation (day 1, session 3)

Rail Safety Regulation: A Shared Responsibility (277 KB) pdf document icon
Julie Bullas, Director (Rail Safety), Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland)

Facilitating Future Training and Competency Assessment (39 KB) pdf document icon
Warren Doubleday, Rail Safety Officer, Association of Tourist and Heritage Railways of Australia and Chairman, Council of Tramway Museums Australia

Keeping the Tourist and Heritage Sector in Victoria Sustainable (359 KB) pdf document icon
Jenny Gabriele, Manager Policy and Legislation Operations, DOT Legal, Department of Transport (Victoria)

Things are looking up down under (1130 KB) pdf document icon
Paul Dillicar, President of Federation of Rail Organisations, New Zealand

Environment (day 2, session 1)

Climate Change (424 KB) pdf document icon
Allan Gardner, Manager of Infrastructure and Engineering, Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board Australia

Environmental Challenges as an Opportunity in Steam Locomotive Operations on Museum and Tourist Railways in the 21st Century (439 KB) pdf document icon
Reinhard W Serchinger, Consultant in Applied Physics, Munich, Germany

Boilers for Rail, Code of Practice (527 KB) pdf document icon
Alan Gardner, Manager of Infrastructure and Engineering, Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board Australia

Theatre of the Railway - Museums (day 2, session 2)

Bringing the Past Forward (1490 KB) pdf document icon
Sarah Jane Brazil, Museum Heritage Collections, Office of Rail Heritage, Railcorp, New South Wales
Richard Mulvaney, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Rail Transport Museum

All Aboard: Building an Audience through Public Programs (2213 KB) pdf document icon
Andrew Moritz, Director, The Workshops Rail Museum

Toyland Express - A Case Study for Audience Engagement at The Workshops Rail Museum (2152 KB) pdf document icon
Richelle Leane, Learning & Activities Officer, The Workshops Rail Museum

Outside the Tin Fence - Beyond the Museum's Boundary (1094 KB) pdf document icon
David Mewes, Curator, The Workshops Rail Museum

Evolving the National Railway Museum (South Australia) - a 45 Year Success Story (3872 KB) pdf document icon
Dr John C Radcliffe, Government Appointed Board Member, National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide

Theatre of the Railway - Operations (day 2, session 3)

Collection, Connection, Community, Commitment (8526 KB) pdf document icon
Greg Hallam, Queensland Railways Historian, QR

Heritage Operations - QR Passenger (104 KB) pdf document icon
Therese Miller, General Manager Operations, QR Passenger

Innovative Interpretation (1414 KB) pdf document icon
Ian Smith, Director, Heritage Railway Association, UK

Getting Backsides on Seats - Domestically and Internationally (64 KB) pdf document icon
Emma Everett, Sales and Marketing, Bellarine Railway

Theatre of the Railway - Performance (day 3, session 1)

Diversity of Railway Culture: Connecting with the Broader Railway Arts (2089 KB) pdf document icon
Brian Dunnett, Research in Australian Railway Heritage Culture

Writing the Stories of Torres Strait Islander Railway Men (941 KB) pdf document icon
Leah Lui-Chivizhe, Teacher and Researcher into Torres Strait Islander Culture at the Koori Centre, University of Sydney

An Asia Pacific Perspective (day 3, session 1)

Railway Preservation Activities in Japan (1991 KB) pdf document icon
Tatsuhiko Suga, General Representative, Railway Preservation Society of Japn

The Possibility and Formation of an Oceania & Asia Organisation (48 KB) pdf document icon
Kyoichi Oda, Japan

Training & Regulation (day 3, session 2)

3801 Limited: The Way Forward (572 KB) pdf document icon
Dr John Glastonbury, Chairman and General Manager, 3801 Limited

How to Ensure Your Heritage Organisation's Sustainable by Securing the Right Capability and Capacity in the 'Human Capital' Area (589 KB) pdf document icon
Chris Le Marshall, Director, Linqage International

Lessons Learned: Office of Rail Heritage Churchill Fellowship Steam Locomotives in Preservation (1824 KB) pdf document icon
Jennifer Edmonds, Seconded to the Rail Transport Museum, Thirlemere, New South Wales

The Benalla Rail Collision - Cause, Effects and Lessons Learned (1301 KB) pdf document icon
Stuart Thyer, Member, Steamrail Victoria Inc

Retaining Skills and Heritage Railways in the Future - Training in a regulated environment (2772 KB) pdf document icon
Nathan Williams, Member, Australian Sugar-Cane Railway

Financial Sustainability & Economics (day 3, session 3)

The National Railway Museum of Sierra Leone
Steve Davies, Director of the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

The Positive Impact of Tourism and Tourist Trains on the Economy of a Region (1164 KB) pdf document icon 
Sergio Rodriguez Zubieta, Las Hayas Resort and El Tren del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Train), Argentina

Bringing in the Money: Grants, Funds and Gifts - The Economic Effects of Museums and Heritage Railway (5619 KB) pdf document icon
Mark Smith, Chairman, West Somerset Railway
Gordon Rushton, UK Consultant

Approaching Rail Heritage Preservation from the Perspective of Local Economic Development (2155 KB) pdf document icon
Dudley Smith, Corporate & Social Development Manager, Ingwe Municipality, South Africa

Event Details

15 October 2009 - 17 October 2009