Book Launch: Engilina's Trains

Join us for fun hands-on engineering activities and story reading at the launch of the new book: Engilina's Trains by Andrew King.

About the Book

Engilina, Engibear and Bearbot are back to build transport for the future - a new maglev train that will run from Munnagong to Billaburra as fast as a plane. During the project, they discover an old steam engine which leads them on an interesting journey and creates an unexpected link to the past. Travel with them on this tale of trains, teamwork, technology and time…

Activities as part of the Book Launch Event

  • Wonderful Wheels: make wheel-sets and test which ones stay on track.
  • Magic Magnets: create a maglev device, test magnetic motion control.
  • Fantastic Future: design a futuristic train.
  • Reduced Readings: extracts from Engilina’s Trains and development stories.

Event Details

02 August 2017

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