Photo from the Megawatt Exhibition Photograph: Rob Blackburn,
Paoli Smith

How do we make electricity? How does an electric guitar work? Do animals use electricity?

With 40 interactive exhibits and information modules, the Megawatt exhibition explores the role of electricity in our everyday lives and highlights the importance of safety when dealing with electricity.

Explore how electricity is everywhere and how it entertains us and takes us places. Renewable and sustainable energy alternatives are featured as well as the generation and transmission of electricity.

Things to see and do

  • Generate electricity and discover electric circuits, motors and electromagnets.
  • Send a message using Morse Code.
  • Touch the spark with a Plasma Ball.
  • Become a human battery.
  • Create your own science fiction soundtrack and explore electric guitars and speakers.
  • Find out how solar electricity works.

Push, pull, press and play safely with electricity.

Photo from the Megawatt Exhibition Photograph: Rob Blackburn, Paoli Smith

Learning resources

Megawatt is complemented by Learning Resources which include a Megawatt Education Kit produced by Scienceworks, Museum Victoria.

Megawatt Exhibition – produced by Scienceworks, Museum Victoria.




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Event Details

09 October 2011 - 05 February 2012
Free with Admission
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