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Learning Resources for Megawatt

This interactive exhibition explores the role of electricity in our everyday lives and the main communication objective is safety when dealing with electricity.

The exhibition is arranged into seven colour coded modules each dealing with different aspects of the making, transmitting and usage of electricity:

  • Main: Electricity is everywhere, in everything! 
  • Communication: Electricity – for communication!
  • Generation and Transmission: Electricity – a controlled energy supply!
  • Transport and travel: Electricity takes us places!
  • Entertainment: Electricity entertains us!
  • Household uses: Electricity – safety at home!
  • Renewable Energy: Electricity – sustainable energy!

During a visit students will:

  • Get hands-on with 40 interactive exhibits,
  • Explore science concepts such as: electricity (AC, DC, static), magnetism, energy transformations, cells, electric circuits, electromagnetism and the function and use of electrical appliances.
  • Ask questions, make predictions, test out their ideas, make observations and explain what is happening.
  • Make connections between the exhibits and the science in our everyday lives.

Photo from the Megawatt ExhibitionView the Megawatt Education Kit (770 KB) pdf document icon for a word list, suggested activities for before or after visit, biographies and relevant internet resources. Please read the medical condition caution in the Megawatt Education Kit prior to your visit.

Queensland Curriculum Links

This exhibition supports components of the Queensland Curriculum Essential Learnings. Below are listed the organisers within the Knowledge and Understanding components of the Essential Learnings that relate to the exhibition.

Essential Learnings

Year 3 Science

  • Science as a human endeavour
    • Science has applications in daily life.
  • Energy and Change
    • Forms of energy have different applications.

Year 5 Science

  • Science as a human endeavour
    • Science relates to students’ own experiences and activities in the community.
  • Energy and Change
    • Energy can be transferred from one object to another.
    • Different forms of energy have different sources.
  • Natural and processed materials
    • Properties, changes and uses of materials are related.

Year 7 Science

  • Science as a human endeavour
    • Science impacts on people, their environment and their communities.
  • Energy and Change
    • Renewable and non-renewable energy sources can be identified and used for different purposes.
    • Energy can be transferred and transformed.
  • Natural and processed materials
    • Properties, changes and uses of materials are related to their particular composition.

Year 9 Science

  • Science as a human endeavour
    • Responsible and informed decisions about real-world issues are influenced by the application of scientific knowledge.
  • Energy and Change
    • Energy can be transferred from one medium to another.
    • Transfer of energy can vary according to the medium in which it travels.
    • Energy is conserved when it is transferred or transformed.
  • Natural and processed materials
    • The properties of materials are determined by their structure and their interaction with other materials.

Megawatt Exhibition – produced by Scienceworks, Museum Victoria.

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