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We love them, trash them, plead for them, collect them and preserve them. Regardless of your age, toys are a fun part of life.

Let your playtime past catch up with you as you wonder through this exhibition dedicated to the joy of childhood toy time.

From the well-used to the well-kept, see a selection of cherished toy collections from the 1900s to current times.

See how toy technology has changed over the years, from materials they are made of to the enjoyment you get out of the amazing things they can do.

Toys have helped plenty of brands boost their sales over the years, remember the surprise toy in the cereal box or the special memento from the Ekka.

They also help paint pictures of the past, as toys are often round at investigation sites during excavation and tell archaeologists a thing of too about the place.



Event Details

23 March 2013 - 19 May 2013

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