Glass Plates and Rail Justice

Over its more than 150-year history, The Queensland Railways have taken thousands of photographs of everything from cracked bridges to crocodiles.

To celebrate the opening of Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties, The Workshops Rail Museum presents Glass Plates and Railway Justice – an intimate exhibition exploring the Queensland Railways in the 1920s, its use of photography and the fascinating story of how the railways dealt with rule breakers in the ranks. 

Drawing on the extensive collections held by the Queensland Museum Network the exhibition investigates the ways Queensland Rail used photography, from documenting rolling stock to capturing spectacular scenery.

It also tells the relatively unknown story of the Railway Appeal Board. This board was set up to pass judgments on matters where staff were charged with misconduct, as well as allowing staff to appeal against decisions they thought were unfair.  

On display you’ll find exquisite glass plate negatives, an enormous camera designed to photograph railway blue prints and the Witness Box used by the Railway Appeal Board.

This exhibition is free with museum entry and runs until 19 May 2019.  

Event Details

15 September 2018 - 19 May 2019
Free with Admission

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