Dec 2011 - Feb 2012 Mystery Object

Can you guess what the Mystery Object was?

Look at the video and images and see if you and guess what it is. These questions might help you guess:

  • What material is this object made from?
  • Where have you seen something like this object in the past?
  • Who might have used this object?
  • For what purpose might they have used it for?
  • How could you use the object?

Scroll down for the answer.








A paperweight (Robyn, age 50)
A cast iron door stop or book weight (Ken, age 70)
Looks like a stamp used in accounts (Neville, age 43)
An ink blotter (Chris, age 58)
A printing stamp for making dockets or forms (Samantha, age 41)
A stamp (Iman, age 38)
A stamp that would work as the printer to print tickets (Sam, age 36)
A stamp for stamping tickets (Jane, age 38)
Used to iron sheets in sleepers (Karl, age 71)
Lid for a small box - it looks like cast iron (Rodney, age 60)
Carriage door knob (Madge, age 36)
Cast iron paperweight (John, age 70)
A railway seal used in early days (Graham, age 60)
A button to stop the train (Travis, age 13)
An iron for ironing clothes in the Governors carriage (Darren, age 38)
A stamp for the sand in an ashtray (Mel, age 30)
An ink blotter (Jason, age 39)
Door to the steam train furnace (Stuart, age 41)



A paper weight.

Made from cast iron and copper, it was created by pouring molten metal into a mould in the shape of the paper weight. The most interesting feature of this paper weight is its elaborate design, made possible because it was manufactured by casting. The weight features beautiful patterns and even the copper handle has elaborate designs.

The paperweight was used to keep papers in order – there would have been no way your papers would have blown off the desk if they were under this weight!