Diesel Revolution

Diesel locomotives, large and powerful, are the backbone of many railways throughout the world.

Explore what drives a diesel and what diesel locos are used to haul – with all sorts of loads including passengers, general freight, grain, minerals and livestock.

Step inside the simulator and see if you have what it takes to be a train driver!


Things to see and do:

  • Take controls of a train in the diesel simulator.
  • See the development of locomotives over the years, from The Rocket in the early 1800s through to today.
  • See what’s inside a diesel with a cut away showing everything from bogies to batteries, and axles to auxiliary generators.
  • See what’s underneath a diesel.
  • Turn the destination sign handle and see where the diesel locomotive has travelled.
  • Look inside the cab of the locomotive.

This exhibition features diesel locomotive Class 1250 No.1262 which entered service in 1961 and retired in 1987. It travelled 2.7 million kilometres during its service.