Jun - Aug 2011 Mystery Object

Can you guess what the Mystery Object was?

Look at the video and images and tell us what you think it is. These questions might help you guess:

  • What material is this object made from?
  • Where have you seen something like this object in the past?
  • Who might have used this object?
  • For what purpose might they have used it for?
  • How could you use the object?

Scroll down for the answer.

 Mystery Object June-Aug 2011 Mystery Object June-Aug 2011

Mystery Object June-Aug 2011 




A document holder used for timetables (Igna, age 26)
Letter rack (Jane, age 38)
Menu holder in a railway restaurant (Roland, age 69)
Chook holder for a BBQ (Jan, age 53)
Dining car menu holder (Mark, age 54)
Weight to put onto papers so they don’t blow away (Dianne, age 63)
Ticket or money note holder (Anthony, age 43)
Menu holder for dining cart (David, age 42)
Plated steel napkin holder that sits on a dining car table (Maurice, age 47)
To help with adding a carriage buffer (May, age 77)
Either an aerial on a caboose or a document holder from 1900s (Lucario, age 13)
Chrome plated metal holder used in dining cart as tissue holder (Buddhika, age 39)
Photo thing (Felix, age 6)
Star trek laser beam gun (Trish, age 9)
Used for keeping train timetables for passengers (Sam, age 13)
Train (Conner, age 9)
Table number holder (Tony, age 55)
Paper weight & holder (Jan, age 53)



A menu holder.

Menu holders such as this would be found on every table in the dining area of a railway refreshment room and also at every table in a dining car. The menus placed in these holders were displayed in a vertical position where they could be easily seen.

There were different menus for each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Refreshment room staff ensured the correct menu was available for each meal.

Displaying the menus in a vertical fashion meant they took up a smaller area on the dining table. This was particularly important on the small tables in a dining car.