Might & Muscle

Constructing the railway network in Queensland was a major task. It took money, equipment, know-how and especially hard physical work.

Construction teams overcame obstacles such as mountain ranges, creeks and rivers, to build the track.

They used their special skills to build even and gentle gradients.

Things to see and do

  • See a display of track under construction with a range of equipment, from banjo spades and beater packs to sleeper tongs and spike hammers.
  • See a pumper trolley used by track gangs to move between points on the line during construction.
  • Watch a video about the construction of the rail network and learn about the railway gang that set the record for track laying.
  • See surveying equipment including measuring tape, surveyors’ chain and a detonation box.
  • Look inside a bondwood hut that navvies (railway construction workers) lived in and hear stories from a former bridge builder who lived in one for many years.