Platform 9

Since the beginning of railways in Queensland passengers have crossed the state’s vast distances by train.

Trains have carried millions of passengers on long distance journeys – whether travelling to the seaside, visiting distant relatives or leaving home.

Things to see and do:

  • Walk along the recreated platform and hear the sounds of the train being prepared for its journey, the hustle and bustle of passengers finding their seats, and railway staff making final preparations before departure.
  • See items a passenger would use on a Queensland trip from the mid-1990s, including a crockery set and travel pack.
  • Look into a 2nd class carriage (BV 269) from 1882.
  • Imagine platforms throughout the years with collection items including a luggage trolley, station clock, ticket machines and platform scales on display.

Note: The AL/F 1248 refreshment bar carriage is currently closed while restoration works are undertaken.