Rail in Queensland

Since the opening of the first line in 1865, railways have been an important part of Queensland life.

Rail shaped the development of towns and industries, created opportunities for travel, and greatly improved communication.

In a state as vast as Queensland, the rail network was vital in overcoming the tyranny of distance. The rail connected the bush to the city and the city to the bush.

Come and explore how rail has influenced the life of Queenslanders.


Things to see and do

  • See the multimedia presentation of the history of the beginnings of rail in Queensland and why we chose narrow gauge.
  • Explore the timeline wall and see rail objects and photographs.
  • Learn how the first railway line was mapped and constructed.
  • See a link from the Train Control Centre showing what happens on the Ipswich line.
  • See safety and signal equipment.
  • Learn about the people behind the railway, the union movement and 1948 rail strike.
  • Discover the significant impact WW1 and WW2 had on the railways.