Rail Today

Rail ruled supreme as the fastest and most efficient means of land transport from the early 19th century.

By the 1950s, rail's supremacy was challenged by the plane and motor car and in many countries rail services were reduced during the second half of the 20th century.

Today rail is experiencing a revival with the development of high speed trains, together with  the desire of many people to savour the journey, not just the destination.

Things to see and do

  • Watch the video presentation and discover how far rail has come over the years.
  • Step aboard a recreated Tilt Train and learn how it works and is able to negotiate curves to maintain its speed.
  • Sit in the driver’s seat and get a driver’s-eye-view of the Tilt Train travelling  north to Rockhampton.
  • Learn how the massive network of rail lines were created and developed so that now every mainland Australian capital city is connected.
  • See what school kids think rail travel will look like in 2099.
  • Learn with models and videos how the super-fast ‘Maglev’ trains work to reach speeds of 550kph.
  • Read about the electrification of parts of the Queensland Rail network.