Mystery Object Spring 2013

Can you guess what the current Mystery Object was?

Look at the video and images and see if you can guess that it is. Scroll down for the answer. These questions might help you guess:

  • What material is this object made from?
  • Where have you seen something like this object in the past?
  • Who might have used this object?
  • For what purpose might they have used it for?
  • How could you use the object?







To tell what the temperature of the climate is (Ashaya, age 13)
Water level checker (Matthew age 29, Maddison age 8, and Charlotte age 9)
Steam gauge (Sue)
Pressure test (Caleb, age 5)
Weight scale (Ermia, age 5 ½)
Scales (Zophia, age 3)
Dip stick (Dierdra, age 11)
Set of scales (Emelia, age 8)
A compass or clock (Meredith, age 10)
Angle measurer (Isabelle, age 9)
Measures (Giannia, age 10)
A measuring thing (Chloe, age 13)
A thing you burn (Ella, age 11)
Portable scales (Julie, age 39)
Specific gravity calculator (Michael, age 40)
A scale (Scotty, age 7)
Toolbox (Ayani, age 8)