Summer 2012-2013 Mystery Object

Can you guess what the current Mystery Object was?

Look at the video and images and see if you can guess what it is. These questions might help you guess:

  • What material is this object made from?
  • Where have you seen something like this object in the past?
  • Who might have used this object?
  • For what purpose might they have used it for?
  • How could you use the object?

Scroll down for the answer.






Your guess

Kerosene blowtorch/blowlamp (Gary, age 60)
Blow lamp (Alex, age 2.5)
Signal lighter (Lisa, age 40)
Kerosene blow torch (Col, age 67)
Pioneer blow torch (Jan, age 54)
Antique brass blow torch (Leslie, age 46)
Kerosene blowtorch. It was used by painters to burn off old paint, and some old tractors (1930/40s) had oil/kerosene starters that were ignited by one of these (Robert, age 56)
Blow touch, painters use it to burn off old paint and it is powered by kerosene and pressure (Owen, age 5)
Torch (Darcy, age 7)
Kerosene blowlamp for heating solder irons (Trevor, age 64)
Blow torch (Kyra & Rhea, age 8 & 7)
Paint remover (Chris, age 35)
Flamethrower (Darren, age 45)
Paint remover (Cindy, age 8)
Blow torch (Brianne, age 18)
Naphtha gas blow torch for heating a soldering iron. Many soldering jobs from wires, tin, eave troughs, etc (Norman, age 78)
Blow torch for soldering, stripping paint off walls etc (Luke, age 5)
Pressure blow torch (Ivan, age 69)
Blow torch (Caitlyn, age 12)
Kerosene torch used to ignite a steam trains fire box (Rob, age 46)



A blow lamp.

A blow lamp was used by carriage painters to remove old paint from carriages. By applying the flame to the paint to soften it, the painters could then scrape the paint off using scrapers. The fresh surface was then available for sanding and repainting allowing a fine finish as a result.

The fuel in the container was kerosene and the flame lit using a small amount of methylated spirits. The kerosene was pressurised using the small plunger pump on the container. A very hot flame was produced.