Mystery Object Summer 2013-14

Can you guess what the Mystery Object was?

Look at the video and images and tell us what you think it was. These questions might help you guess:

  • What material is this object made from?
  • Where have you seen something like this object in the past?
  • Who might have used this object?
  • For what purpose might they have used it for?
  • How could you use the object?

Scroll down for the answer.







Your guess

Railway clamp (James, age 52)
Ticket checker / ticketing tool (Dana, age 10)
A saw set (Anthony, age 33)
Some kind of tool for making a seal (Maysha, age 13)
Saw set (Terrance, age 59)
Teeth setter (Ashlee, age 10)
Lead sealer (Robert, age 49)
A stamping tool thingy (Jorji/Emmy age 5/7)
Ticket stamper (Trinity, age 11)
A seal presser (Mikala, age 10)
Embossing tool (Steph, age 35)
Sealing stamp (Darryl, age 66)
Toe nail clippers for giants (Craig, age 35)
Rail seal / safety tagging tool (Jennifer, age 26)
Embossing tool (Caitlin, age 8)
A brake (Seraphina, age 10)
Nut cracker (Annelise, age 9)
A steel clamp (Olivia, age 8)
Object for making washers (Grace, age 10)
A door handle (Billie, age 13)
Statutory stamp (Alex, age 60)
A brake handle (Ben, age 8)
An olden day hole puncher (Kayla, age 7)
Hole puncher (Hannah, age 11)
Riverter (Barry, age 40)
Tamper seal press (Mitchell, age 10)
Button maker (Lawrence, age 47)
Lead lock punch (Brendan, age 27)
Punch (Glenn, age 60)
Nutcrusher (Ethan, age 16)
Saw setter (Matthew, age 18)
For making seals from leave balls (Graeme, age 57)
Nut cracker (Jade, age 11)
Pliers (Shane, age 9)
Tool of many uses (Jack, age 79)
Pliers (Summer, age 8)
Hole puncher (Kokoda, age 7)
Botten, crush, stamp (Mésha, age 8)
Tamper proof (Stephen, age 61)
Hole puncher (Connor, Nicole age 10)
A puncher (Samantha, age 7)
Stamping pieces of metal (Zai, age 6)
A crimping tool (Grandma, age 64)
Scard shakner (Blaze, age 7)
Railway spike brander (Sean, age 27)
Nibbler (John, age 80)
Seal maker (Gavin, age 49)
Paper printer (Zeta, age 5)
Wrench (Charlie, age 5)
A cheese cutter (Will, age 4)
Wrench (Lucas, age 7)
Riveter (Leon, age 14)
Stamping thingy (Carol, age old)
Measures air (Amy, age 6)
Ticket stamp (Nick, age 13)
Seal lock (Neveille, age 70)
Ticket stamper (Kaitlyn, age 11)
Lead stamping tool (Sophie, age 7)
Hole punch or press (Luke, age 4)
Pincers (Anthony, age 8)
Stamper (Tom, age 30)
A stamp (Clinton, age 29)
Iron (Jacob, age 10)
Lead seal maker (Hugh, age 4)
Crimping iron (Jazmine, age 10)
Lead seal crimp tool (Thomas, age 7)
Ticket stamper (Mila, age 7)
Ticket stamper (Jessica, age 8)
Seal clamp (Aidan, age 11)
Stamp (Thomas, age 11)
Seal press (David, age 57)
Metal stamper (Halle, age 9 and Morgan, age 5)
Spanner (Ryan, age 6)
Manual crimp (Oliver, age 11)
A compressor (Elizabeth, age 11)
Seal compressor (Wayne, age 56)
Lead seal machine (Georgia, age 7)
Stamp machine (Brooke, age 7)
Coin press (Angus, age 39)
Punch (Annabel, age 9)
Stamper (Ben, age 34)
Old fashion clippers (Sasha, age 11)
Ticket stamp (Oliver, age 5)
Rivet installer (Jack, age 9)
Imprinter (Ayden, age 15)
Clipper (Matisse, age 7)
Hole puncher (Brianna, age 14)
Blind riveter (Terry, age 62)
Coin stamp (Rebekah, age 15)
Lead seal press (Sheehan)
A press (Matt, age 9)
Wrench (Frances, age 11)
Tong for binding steel (Chioma, Chidi age 25, age 7)
Tongs (Lauren, age 9)
Snippers (Liam, age 5)
A stamper (Cooper, age 3)
Labelling machine (Camryn, age 8)
Seal press (Tevor, age 71)
Pliers (Philip, age 39)
Leather punch (Eloise, age 34)


A seal press

Once a door on a freight wagon was closed, a thin piece of wire was threaded through a small piece of lead shaped like a small flat fishing sinker, through fittings on the wagon door and then back through the lead “sinker”. This device was then used to crimp the lead “sinker” and the number in the seal press would be imprinted on the lead. This then sealed the wagon doors before departure from its starting point. The receiving station could then determine if the wagon had been tampered with during its journey if the seal was broken or missing. The number imprinted on the lead seal was unique to the particular station where the seal was applied.