Timekeepers & Grounds

Timekeepers building

As you arrive at The Workshops Rail Museum you will enter through this historic Timekeepers Building.

Take some time to explore this building and the grounds of The Workshops including the Speakers Rostrum, Workers Dining Hall and the War Memorial.

Things to see and do

  • Walk through Timekeepers Building, the office for the timekeeper who kept a record of hours worked for by all employees, and see the tiny tins the workers’ receive their pay in.
  • See an aerial image of the entire Workshops precinct and see the vast scale of the site and its relationship to the river and North Ipswich.
  • Look under the Workers Dining Hall, now the Trackside Café for visitors, to see the bike racks used by the workers – each row for a different building.
  • See the Speakers Rostrum, the third that stood on the site, which was used as a focal point where speakers and performers entertained employees at lunchtime.
  • Stand at the end of the traverser track to see the striking industrial vista of the various buildings that make up The Workshops site.