Granulated Barnacle

Tetraclitella purpurascens

The Granulated Barnacle is greyish green to almost purple, measuring about 25 mm wide, and has four plates on its margins each having a rough scaly appearance. Internally the structure is honeycomb-like and porous. When submerged the shell’s door (the operculum) opens, and fringed limbs are extended and retracted rhythmically in the water to direct food particles into the mouth. The Granulated Barnacle is abundant on mid to upper levels of exposed rocky shores, but never in direct sunlight preferring shaded crevices or undersurfaces of rocks.

It is found from southern Australia to Queensland and New Zealand.

Granulated Barnacle (Tetraclitella purpurascens)
Granulated Barnacle (Tetraclitella purpurascens), Wild Guide to Moreton Bay

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