The Centaur

The Australian hospital ship AHS Centaur was sunk by the Japanese off Brisbane in 1943. The ship was en-route to New Guinea and as a result of the sinking 268 people lost their lives.

The Centaur was clearly marked as a hospital ship, and its sinking sparked a major controversy. It is recognised as one of the greatest tragedies of World War II in Australian waters.

The Queensland and Commonwealth Governments recently embarked on a $4 million search mission for the Centaur. The Shipwrecks Officer of Queensland Museum was included in the search team. The final resting place of the AHS Centaur was reported on 20 December 2009, located in 2km of water on the sea floor 30 miles due east of the southern tip of Moreton Island.

The site will be recognised as an official war grave, much to the relief of family members and the surviving three crew members of the Centaur.

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