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Arachnids research

Spiders, ticks, mites, sea spiders

Project leaders: Dr Robert J. Raven and Dr Michael Rix

  • taxonomy and evolution of mygalomorph spider families, with a current focus on trapdoor spiders (families Idiopidae and Nemesiidae) and tarantulas (family Theraphosidae)
  • molecular evolution and biogeography of Australasian arachnids
  • conservation of Australian spiders
  • taxonomy of ground spiders (superfamily Lycosoidea, especially Miturgidae, plus Corinnidae and Clubionidae)


Project Leader: Dr Owen Seeman

  • taxonomy and reproductive biology of mites, especially agricultural pests

Lucid Key to Australian spider subfamilies

Project Leader, Dr Barbara Baehr

  • supported by the Australian Biological Resources Study

Australian Sea spiders

Project Leader: Dr Claudia Arango

  • with special attention to the Australian Antarctic and related faunas