Cultures and Histories Research

Curators in the Cultures and Histories program research, collect and care for objects. Our researchers have specialist knowledge of Queensland histories and cultures, the continuing histories of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders and more recent histories of colonisation, migration and multiculturalism.

Cultures and Histories research explores the places and events in Queensland’s history and communities. Objects are central to all Museum research. Our research helps to build and understand the State Collection.

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Research strengths

With expert knowledge in history, archaeology, anthropology and cultural studies we reveal new knowledge about societies and cultures. Through objects we demonstrate and illustrate these important aspects of our shared heritage. Our research is published in books, journals, magazines, Queensland Historical Atlas and newspapers, and is brought to life through exhibitions, online blogs, and Collections Online and public programs at the museums across our network.

Current Research Projects

Queensland Remembers

With the centenary of ANZAC, the Social History curatorial team is conducting extensive collection-based research into personal stories of Queenslanders’ experiences in the First World War at home and on the front. This research will support planned exhibitions, publications and programming across the Queensland Museum Network.

People, fauna and climate change: exploring connections

Dr Brit Asmussen’s current research examines long-term human-environmental relationships and socio-economic systems over the last 30 000 years in Australia via the detailed analysis of multiple archaeological faunal records. Brit is investigating Aboriginal resource use, economic sustainability, and the temporal and spatial diversity of Australian paleo-economies.

Excavating Macgregor: re-connecting a colonial museum collection

Chantal Knowles is part of a multi-disciplinary team funded by the Australian Research Council that is exploring the disentanglement of social relationships embedded in objects distributed across several collections. The project investigates how indigenous groups used objects to negotiate with colonial governments. View more info on The University of Sydney's website

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Gallery

Queensland Museum is researching our extensive Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collections, developing knowledge, exploring new stories and connecting with communities to deliver a new gallery showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Recent projects

Research Publications