Dr Andrew G. Christy

Andrew Christy

Andrew (Andy) Christy grew up in southeast England. This was a great place for fossil collecting but poor in mineral species, which led to his early fascination with the latter as more exotic and exciting! As much of his childhood as possible was spent in the Mineral Gallery of the Natural History Museum in London, spellbound by the cases upon cases of rare and bizarre specimens on display. He completed his Honours degree in Geological Sciences at Cambridge in 1984, his PhD at the same university in 1988.  After a couple of other jobs in the UK moved to Australia in 1994, to take up a Research Fellowship in the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University, Canberra, followed by several other positions in different parts of ANU over the next two decades. 

Andy arrived in Brisbane in October 2016 to take up a joint position as Senior Curator of Mineralogy at the Queensland Museum and Lecturer in Mineralogy at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Queensland. He looks after the Museum’s large collection of mineral, rock and meteorite specimens, as well as lecturing second-year undergraduates at the University and conducting research at both places. 

Andy is working on a range of research projects, including study of the meteorites in the collection of the Museum, factors controlling the diversity of the >5,000 known mineral species, solving the crystal structures of minerals that are either new, or have hitherto resisted study because their crystals are tiny, deformed or disordered, and applications of microbe-mineral interactions such as water purification and monitoring the health of coral reefs. He is an author on more than 130 refereed scientific publications. In 2015, the new lead copper tellurate mineral andychristyite was named in his honour. 

Andy maintains a keen interest in other sciences, particularly astronomy, chemistry, botany and zoology, as well as music and linguistics.


Meteorites (2017) Queensland Museum (and touring Queensland Museum Network)

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Other Publications

Christy, A.G. (2017) A rare discovery. Antenna, 46, 14. Queensland Museum Foundation.

Christy, A.G. (2010) Australian new minerals: 2008–present. SGGMP Newsletter June 2010, 6–8. Specialist Group for Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology, Geological Society of Australia.

Christy, A.G. (2006) Laser-Ablation Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) as a fast, cheap, quantitative method of screening gems for Be treatment. Metal, Stone & Glass 36-37.

Honours and Awards

2013: Honorary Life Fellowship, Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.


Kampf, A.R., Cooper, M.A., Mills, S.J., Housley, R.M. and Rossman, G.R. (2016) Lead–tellurium oxysalts from Otto Mountain near Baker, California: XII. Andychristyite, PbCu2+Te6+O5(H2O), a new mineral with HCP stair-step layers. Mineralogical Magazine, 80, 1055-1065.

Extramural Contributions

Associate Editor:

 Mineralogical Magazine , European Journal of Mineralogy

Australian National Representative:

International Mineralogical Association and Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature

and Classification.

Vice-Chair, Local Organizing Committee:

International Mineralogical Association Quadrennial Meeting, Melbourne, August 2018.


Lecturer, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at University of Queensland.

Honorary Research Fellow, Queensland Museum