Dr Peter Cowman

Peter joined the Queensland Museum Network (QMN) in 2021 as Senior Curator of Biosystematics.

He is based at the Museum of Tropical Queensland campus in Townsville. Originally from Ireland, Peter completed a PhD in Marine Biology at James Cook University (2008-2012). He held subsequent postdoctoral research fellowships at the Australian National University in Canberra (2012-2014), Yale University in the United States (2014-2016) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Townsville (2016-2020).

Peter’s research is focused on using genetic data and molecular phylogenetics to understand the relationships among species, their evolutionary and biogeographic history, and the origins of biodiversity on coral reefs.

He is currently generating genome scale dataset using cutting edge next generation sequencing technologies to explore the taxonomy, systematics and evolution of corals and fishes across the Indo-Pacific.

Peter is a member of several professional societies including the Australian Coral Reef Society, the Australia Marine Science Association, and the International Society for Coral Reefs.

He received the Queensland Young Tall Poppy Award for Excellence in Scientific Research in 2020.

Peter's role and work at the museum is supported by Project DIG. Learn more about how Project DIG is supporting coral reef research.

Twitter @pete_cowman




Senior Curator of Biosystematics


PhD (James Cook University)