Dr Espen Knutsen

Dr Espen Knutsen is Senior Curator Palaeontology at the Queensland Museum Network, based at the Museum of Tropical Queensland campus in Townsville.  His position is co-appointed with the College of Science and Engineering at James Cook University. 

Originally from Norway, Espen completed his PhD at the University of Oslo in 2012.

He is a vertebrate palaeontologist, that over the past 12 years has conducted pioneering fieldwork and excavations in Australia, the Arctic, The Netherlands and USA . He has described five new species of Jurassic marine reptiles, and was part of an international multidisciplinary research team studying a newly discovered Jurassic marine ecosystem from the high-arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norway.

The process and results of this pioneering project were featured in two TV documentaries - National Geographic's Death of a Sea Monster and History Channel/BBC's Predator X.


He has a special interest in the diversity, evolution and ecology of Mesozoic reptiles, such as ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and dinosaurs. Current projects, involving fieldwork throughout Australia for the Australian Mesozoic Tetrapod Project, aim to fill significant gaps in our knowledge and understanding of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous vertebrate fauna in the southern hemisphere 

Twitter @espenkn80


Cretaceous marine reptile research led by Espen is supported by Project DIG, a partnership between Queensland Museum Network and BHP to digitally unlock our collection for visitors and researchers worldwide. Espen is using innovative technologies such as drone photography, photogrammetry, CT scanning and 3D modelling to capture new data which will help paint a comprehensive picture of Cretaceous marine reptiles from Queensland. This data fills significant gaps in our knowledge of the marine reptiles from this period and will be shared with researchers across the globe. Learn more about this research 

Research Publications

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Senior Curator of Palaeontology