Dr Christine Lambkin

Dr Christine Lambkin Undescribed stiletto fly Stiletto fly, Collessiama narelleae Lambkin, from Lamington National Park. Beefly, Wurda windorah Lambkin & Yeates, feeding.

Curator of Entomology responsible for the Queensland Museum's collections of Diptera (flies), Coleoptera (beetles), Orthoptera (grasshoppers), Hemiptera (bugs), Phasmatodea (stick insects), and a number of smaller insect orders.

Christine’s main research interest is the systematics, evolution, taxonomy, and biodiversity of Diptera, specialising in combined molecular and morphological phylogenetic analyses and monographic revisions of beeflies (Bombyliidae) and stiletto flies (Therevidae). Christine is currently concentrating on taxonomic studies on these two families.

Since returning to QM in 2006 Christine has used Malaise traps in many biodiversity assessments, surveys, and projects, concentrating on the Diptera, especially the lower brachyceran families Bombyliidae (bee flies) and Therevidae (stiletto flies).

Areas surveyed include:

  • Great Basalt Wall in north Queensland
  • Proserpine and the Capricornia Cays in central Queensland
  • Redlands
  • Lamington National Park in south-east Queensland (IBISCA QLD)
  • Currawinya National Parks, Murra Murra, Plevna Downs and Noonbah Stations in western Queensland
  • Charles Darwin Reserve, Karara, Lochada and Kadji Kadji Pastoral Leases in Western Australia (BushBlitz)
  • Culgoa Floodplains National Park (Qld), Culgoa National Park and Ledknapper Nature Reserve in NSW (BushBlitz)
  • Albinia, Carnarvon Station, Cudmore, Edgbaston Station, Goonderoo Reserve, Humboldt National Park, Lonesome Holding and Nairana National Park in Qld (BushBlitz)

Projects include:

  • Incorporating Bush-Blitz and other collected material into Systematic Studies of Australian Stiletto Flies (Therevidae) using Cybertaxonomic Methods for Species Description (3 yr ABRS grant)
  • Contribute to the ABRS Bush-Blitz program by setting Malaise traps and collecting, supervision of sorting of samples, and identification of the flies to family in Charles Darwin Reserve, Karara, Lochada and Kadji Kadji Pastoral Leases, WA in September 2009; Culgoa Floodplains NP QLD and Culgoa NP and Ledknapper NR NSW, setting Malaise and pitfall traps, training Rangers to take monthly samples, and collecting in 2009 and 2010; Central Queensland - Carnarvon QLD region in 2010, 2012, and 2014 (ABRS Grants and Contracts)
  • Responsible for updating character descriptions and lists, amalgamating a morphological character matrix and conducting analyses of a morphological character set for all Flies for the large world-wide collaboration, the FLYTREE project, in the US NSF Assembling the Tree of Life Program.
  • The Backyard Explorer program developed by the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Department of Education helps schools and community groups to investigate and better appreciate the biodiversity of their schoolyards, backyards and natural environment using insects. This scientifically rigorous and yet easy-to-use tool is designed to support the assessment of biodiversity health and the investigation of environmental issues such as comparing disturbed and undisturbed sites, and changes in biodiversity over time. The guides and the associated data collation tool (Excel spreadsheet) and collection manual are written for high school and community groups and are available at the open access Queensland Museum Backyard Explorer GoogleDocs website http://goo.gl/M8ASZ. Primary school versions of the leader’s and user’s guide and data collation tool, videos demonstrating invertebrate collection methods, and other resources in the Backyard Explorer package are available on the Wild Backyards: Backyard Explorer page of the Queensland Museum website (http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/microsites/wild/index.asp).
  • Collaborate by completing phylogenetic analyses and publication of results including phylogenetic placement, especially Lesley Ballantyne (Adjunct Research Associate, Charles Sturt University) on fireflies.
  • Systematics of Australian Zopheridae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea) from morphological data, with development of a bio-indicator for Australian forest (3 yr ABRS grant with Dr Federica Turco)
  • Incorporation of Bush Blitz material into descriptions of Australian cicadas (Cicadidae) using alphataxonomic methods (ABRS grant to C. Lambkin for Dr Lindsay Popple)
  • Incorporation of Bush Blitz material into descriptions of Australian robberflies (Asilidae) using alphataxonomic methods (ABRS grant to C.L. Lambkin for Gregory Daniels)
  • Incorporating Bush Blitz and other collected material into descriptions of Australian Beeflies (Bombyliidae) using Cybertaxonomic methods (ABRS grant to C.L. Lambkin
  • Compilation of an Australian Faunal Directory to complete the provision of taxonomic and nomenclatural treatments of Diptera: Bombyliidae, Therevidae, Syrphidae, and 'Nematocera', and ongoing updating of the AFD. (ABRS Contracts)
  • Part of “Island Hitchhikers” part of the Pest Off in Central Queensland initiative by completing field work trapping and surveying, sorting, and identification of invertebrate fauna, especially introduced and pest species, of remote islands of the Capricornia Cays with the Conservation Management Branch of Conservation, Strategy and Planning in Queensland Parks and Wildlife (QPW) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Part of BATH (Biodiversity at the Heights) by co-ordinating QM contributions of databasing of taxon and sample information to IBISCA (Investigating the Biodiversity of Soil and Canopy Arthropods) Queensland at Lamington National Park organised by Roger Kitching at the Australian School of Environmental Studies, Griffith University. 

Scientific Publications

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Book Chapter

Christine L. Lambkin, Narelle Power, and Noel T. Starick (2002) Mt Kosciuszko: Biodiversity of Flies (Diptera) pp. 76-87, in ‘Biodiversity in the Snowy Mountains’ (ed. K. Green) AIAS Jindabyne. 



Curator of Entomology, Biodiversity Program

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