Marissa McNamara

Marissa McNamaraMarissa McNamara is a Collection Manager working with the crustacean collection. She spends her time with jars of crabs and boxes of barnacles, making sure the 50,000 or so registered specimens are in good condition. She also registers new crustacean specimens into the State Collection, helps researchers borrow specimens, and answers public enquiries such as, “What crustacean did I find on the beach?” 

What I'm working on!

I recently helped revise crustacean chapters in two museum publications: Wildlife of Greater Brisbane, and Wildlife of Tropical North Queensland. I’m also tracking down crustacean specimens that have been loaned to institutions around the world, updating crustacean taxonomy in the museum database, and making sure the many thousands of preserved crustacean specimens in the collection don’t dry out! 

How I became a Scientist!

I completed a PhD at the University of Queensland on parasites of reef fishes, and then worked on an aquatic disease and parasite database for the Queensland Department of Agriculture. I joined the Queensland Museum in 2013 as a Research Officer, and had a variety of roles before becoming a Collection Manager in 2018.


Collection Manager