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Dr Tom Bridge
Senior Curator of Corals, Biodiversity Program

Dr Merrick Ekins
Collection Manager

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Biodiversity and genetic relatedness of internal parasites of coral reef fishes collected under the CReefs program
Research project on the internal parasites of Australian coral reef fishes on the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, with assessment of their biodiversity and genetic relatedness.

Marine Life of the Kimberley Region
The Marine Life of the Kimberley Region Project is a three-year marine biodiversity research program. The project will explore the marine biodiversity of the inshore Kimberley and associated continental shelf coral atolls.

Taxonomy of tropical Australian Octocorallia (Anthozoa: Coelenterata) primarily from the Census of Marine Life 'CReefs' expeditions
Research project documenting and describing an existing collection of morphospecies of octocorals and undertaking new collections of octocorals of Queensland and tropical Australasia.

Revealing climate change impacts on reef
Queensland Museum's research into corals that live below the 30 metre mark is revealing some tantalising evidence about the impacts of climate change on Great Barrier Reef.

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