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Dr Scott Hocknull
Senior Curator

Rochelle Lawrence
Research Assistant (casual) & Honorary, Geosciences

Marissa McNamara
Collection Manager, Biodiversity and Geosciences Program

Dr Michael Rix
Principal Scientist and Officer in Charge (Hendra)

Dr Andrew Rozefelds
Principal Curator

Kristen Spring
Collection Manager

Joanne Wilkinson
Senior Technical Officer

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Outback giants
Amazing new discoveries in outback Queensland herald a new age for Australian dinosaur hunters, a so-called dinosaur 'rush'. Australia's dinosaur fossil record is poorly known and is considered by overseas palaeontologists to be devoid of new discoveries.

Unearthing the secrets of Queensland's megafauna
Researchers from the Queensland Museum are undertaking groundbreaking research to reveal the secrets of megafauna fossils recently unearthed in central Queensland.

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