School Programs

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Consider a Museum educator-led learning experience during your excursion. Enjoy sessions which energise, focus and stimulate discussion in students and adults.

School programs provide a unique museum experience to enrich and extend the outcomes of your visit. Our value-added, facilitated sessions offer creative exploration and investigation of primary and secondary sources, including museum objects, images and stories. These programs support the Australian Curriculum.

Sessions run in class sizes and cost $6.00 per student. Bookings are essential. Schools are invoiced post-visit for teacher convenience.

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Availability: Monday - Thursday Terms 1 - 4, weeks 2 - 9.

School Programs


The Olden Days
Years Prep - 2, Primary SEN

No washing machines, no refrigerators, no electricity, no computer games - how did people in the olden days live and have fun?

Students go back in time and investigate objects and artefacts from our early Queensland living collection and maybe learn an old-fashioned game or two!

the Museum staff-led program uses collections of objects, images, stories, games and creative activities to help students understand their world, past and present.

Introduction to The Workshops Rail Museum
Years Prep - 6, SEN all years

Get on board and take a journey to enrich your Museum experience as students explore the history and stories of the Ipswich Railway Workshops and the people who worked here.

This Museum staff-led presentation is accompanied with a self-guided ‘scavenger hunt’ that will get your students thinking critically while exploring objects, little and large. This multi-sensory presentation and investigation motivates inquiry learning, while taking you through the museum collections.

Teachers will be sent resources including the Scavenger Hunt task sheet to duplicate and bring with their visit one week out.

Push It, Pull It, Move It
Years Prep - 4

Students investigate forces and motion in rail-related contexts through an interactive presentation examining museum objects and images, and by experimenting with our Sciencentre exhibits.

Develop students’ forces knowledge and design thinking skills in a special Maker Space Challenge, Move It!, where they design and build a device that picks something up and moves it…without using their hands!

This program includes a self-guided scavenger hunt where students explore the museum to identify a range of push and pull forces.

Then & Now - Investigating Yesteryear, Today
Years 2 - 3

Life for families in Queensland’s past looked different from today.

This session explores how technology has changed and how life in “the olden days” may have looked to a child 100 years ago. Using the historical backdrop of the former Ipswich Railway Workshops, students participate in guided investigations and interpretations, comparing lifestyles, technologies, and the story of rail.

This Museum staff-led program uses collections of objects, images and stories to help students understand their world, past and present.

Then & Now - Rail in Queensland
Years 5 - 6

This session explores how people, discoveries and innovations, such as railways, shaped the cultural landscape of early Queensland.

Authentic Ipswich landmarks and the Railway Workshops site are brought to life as students participate in a timeline 'journey' of those who lived and worked here. 

This Museum staff-led program uses collections of objects, images and stories to help students form connections between HASS, Technologies, and Chemical and Earth Sciences.

The Industrial Revolution and the Innovation of Rail
Year 9

Students investigate the impacts of the Industrial Revolution on the development of rail in Queensland from industrial, social and environmental perspectives. 

This session explores some of the key technological innovations of the Industrial Revolution in steam power, steel and iron production, electricity and transport. Students will also develop an understanding of the integral role the railways played in the history and development of Queensland.

This Museum staff-led program uses collections of objects, images and stories to help students draw conclusions about the past and its relationship to the present.

School Program events

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