Introduction to The Workshops Rail Museum

A great way to enliven and value-add your museum experience. Sessions prepare students for getting the most out of their visit.

Audience: Years 1 - 6
Duration: Allow 30 minutes per session. Rotations for large groups may be hourly to include a reset period.
Availability: (2019) Wednesday - Thursday | (2020) Monday - Friday, Feb 10-14, May 5-8, Oct 19-23
 HASS - History, Geography | Technologies - Design and Technologies 

Get on board and take a journey to enrich your Museum visit.
This staff-led presentation is accompanied with a self-guided ‘scavenger hunt’ that will get your students thinking critically while exploring objects, little and large.
This multi-sensory presentation and investigation motivates inquiry learning, while taking you through the museum collections.

Students will:

  • Engage in guided discussion about the significance of the site and types of jobs that took place.
  • Compare technologies and design of objects used  then and now.
  • Investigate how a range of sources can provide historical evidence. 
  • Recognise Ipswich as a geographical location for early settlement and expanding industries.
  • Work collaboratively on their Scavenger Hunt task.

Learning Outcomes

  • Making connections between histories, geography and technologies.
  • Observing, identifying and interpreting objects and sites to find answers or elicit further questions.
  • Developing curiosity and imagination.
  • Building inquiry skills and encouraging critical and creative thinking.
  • Celebrating museum collections and the role of a museum in documenting change.

Session Details

  • Program led by Museum staff
  • $6 per student. Supervising adults FREE
  • Minimum 20 students
  • A Scavenger Hunt activity sheet master will be sent to the school ahead of your visit.
    This activity engages students in the context of comparing then and now/past and present.

Group Visit Information

For information on booking a group into a program and additional information for your visit, go to the Planning your school visit page. Groups may be allocated time for self-guided Museum exploration during school program rotation.