The Olden Days

Audience: Prep to Year 2, Primary SEN
Duration: Please allow 45 minutes per session. Rotations for large groups will be hourly to include reset period.  
Curriculum: HASS - History (133 KB) pdf document icon 
Availability: Monday - Thursday Terms 1 - 4, weeks 2 - 9.Image courtesy of State Library of Queensland

Students go back in time and investigate objects and artefacts from our early Queensland living collection and maybe learn an old-fashioned game or two!

Children engage in an interactive program where they discover how people lived and worked in the past and the technologies they used. Through object investigation, role-play, stories and a take-home creative activity, learners explore life in the olden days.

 Students will

  • Understand that the past is different from the present
  • Pose and respond to questions, and make predictions about life in the past and continuity and change over time
  • Use terms to indicate time (the present, the past, the olden days, then and now)
  • Participate in guided investigations t ex[lore and answer questions about how people lived and worked in the past and draw comparisons with their own lives in the present day
  • Investigate how technology has changed over time and the impact of these changes on our daily life
  • Communicate their findings through discussion, role-playing and creating
  • Reflect on, and compare observations with other groups of students

Learning Outcomes

  • Making connections between people and places, past and present
  • Observing, interpreting and identifying familiar and unfamiliar objects
  • Observing, interpreting and identifying familiar and unfamiliar places
  • Developing curiosity and imagination
  • Building skills to understanding ourselves and others
  • Celebrating museum collections and the role of a museum in documenting change

Session Details

  • Program led by Museum staff
  • $6.00 per student. Supervising adults FREE
  • Minimum 10 students

Group Visit Information

For information on booking a group into a program and additional information for your visit, go to the Planning your school visit page. Groups will be allocated time for self-guided Museum exploration during school program rotation.

Image courtesy of State Library of Queensland