Prep to Year 2

These resources are provided for teachers and students to assist in exploring the Museum. Materials may also be used to assist in the delivery of classroom lessons.

Self-guided Trails

Shapes and Numbers Trail – Prep

This trail provides an opportunity for Prep students to follow a trail that visits most parts of the Museum. It is based on shapes and numbers where students are required to search for shapes within the buildings, locomotives, carriages and goods wagons, and complete number and counting related activities about these items. The activities in this trail are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

Nippers Trail

A simple activity booklet for students to use to find their way through some of the museum's exhibits.

Number Trail – Years 1 & 2 Mathematics and English

This worksheet provides an opportunity for years 1 and 2 students to follow a trail that visits most parts of the Museum. The trail is based on numbers, with activities related to the item of rolling stock bearing that number. Students are required to search for these numbers on locomotives, carriages and goods wagons. These activities are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. The activities also prompt students to read the interpretive panels and they provide opportunities for discussion about nearby displays. If there are done in order, students will follow a trail that takes them around most of the Museum.  

Simple Machines Push and Pull Trail – Year 2 Science

This excursion worksheet encourages Year 2 students to explore various zones of the Museum and is aimed at helping them develop an understanding of the components of simple machines and systems, such as stationary objects being subjected to pushes and pulls, and how these concepts apply to railway contexts. The responses to activities vary in nature and some require hands-on participation, and encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills. This worksheet is aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science.

‘I Spy’ Trail - Years 2 & 3 History and English

This downloadable and printable resource is designed for Years 2 and 3 students visiting the Museum. Students are provided with snapshots of parts of the objects on display in the Museum and search the different zones to find the full object and complete the questions. The activities are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: History and English, and encourage students to engage in a variety of tasks that cultivate their understanding of the past and the present, and community and remembrance. They will also develop their reading, viewing, writing and creating skills.