Years 9 & 10

These resources are provided for teachers and students to assist in exploring the Museum. Materials may also be used to assist in the delivery of classroom lessons.

Curriculum-linked trails

Gear Ratio and Scale Maths Trail – Years 8 to 10

This excursion worksheet is based on the Science Stations and Zone 6: Model Railway in the Museum. The activities cover the mathematical concepts of gear ratio and scale and are aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. Students explore these mathematical concepts through hands-on exploration of the relevant science station and viewing the model railway display.  The activities support in-class work on gear ratio and scale.

Energy & Change Science Trail - Years 8 to 10

This trail challenges students to develop their own energy efficient device. Students are able to explore the Museum and experiment with the hands-on science stations to help them design their own device based on the scientific concepts of: magnetic forces; electromagnetism; energy storage; balancing forces; magnetic repulsion; and simple machines. Aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science, this excursion worksheet is suitable for students from Years 8 to 10.

Time, Continuity and Change Trail

This trail will guide students through the Museum exhibits. It will allow them to explore Queensland’s social history. Students will also have opportunities to develop their researching, analysing and interpreting skills.

Curriculum-linked excursion project

Gritty Innovation: The Industrial Revolution and Rail in Queensland – Year 9 History

This program is based on different Museum Zones and aims to develop students’ understandings on the impacts of the Industrial Revolution on the development of rail in Queensland, from industrial, social and environmental perspectives. It consists of a Teacher’s Guide and Student Workbook with a range of activities and resources to be completed before, during and after a Museum excursion. The program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum: History at the Year 9 level and can be linked with in-school units on Depth Study 1: Making a Better World? The Industrial Revolution (1750-1914).

Sugarcane, Cattle and Coal - Rail Transportation and Industry

This 10 week program will provide an overview of the history of Queensland industries and the impact rail had on these industries. Students will examine the impact that industrial development had on their local area.

Self-guided trails and projects are free.