The Workshops Rail Museum welcomes all visitors. 


Accessible parking can be found North Street, North Ipswich to the left of the museum Ticket Office. There are set down and pickup spaces at the museum Ticket Office and the public bus stop is 20 meters from the front entrance.

Wheelchair Access

All entrances and majority of the areas in the museum are wheelchair accessible. Exhibition areas in the Museum are accessed via gently sloping ramps or at ground level. The Trackside Café can be accessed from the rear of the building via a ramp or via a chair lift - please ask a Visitor Service Officer to assist you.

You can borrow a wheelchair for use within the museum from the Ticket Office located at the museum entry. They are free of charge and subject to availability. Motorised wheelchairs are permitted in The Workshops Rail Museum.

Space for wheelchairs is set aside at all of our events and activities, including lectures, workshops and shows.

There is seating around the Museum, and seating/eating areas in Museum Café and Grounds.


While there are no toilets inside our exhibitions, there are single user/accessible toilets at the Ticket Office, Museum Café and inside the museum. There is an Accessible Family Room in the museum containing change table facilities, feeding areas and toilet facilities. Accessible toilets in the museum, Café and Ticket Office also contain fold down change tables.

Service animals

We welcome service dogs, however in the interest of a safe and healthy visit for all guests and the protection of our state’s historical collection we ask you leave all other animals at home.

Purchasing Tickets

To avoid queues consider purchasing your tickets online prior to your visit. You can print your barcoded ticket at home using the PDF sent to you, or open the PDF and use the barcode on your phone, ready to be scanned on entry to the exhibition. Printing or scanning your ticket will allow for faster access to the museum on busy days. 

We recognise the Queensland Government's Companion Card program.

The companion of a Companion Card Holder is entitled to free entry.

Quieter times and sensory resources

The Workshops Rail Museum is usually quieter between 2pm and 4pm on school days with our quietest months being February and November.
Noise cancelling headphones and Sensory Kits are available at the Ticket Office or Model Rail Exhibit. 

Temporary exhibitions information is available via this page.  

Keep an eye out on our website or speak to our staff about our next Sensory Friendly afternoon. These sessions are offered during the school holidays and at these times we reduce crowding by selling fewer tickets to our experiences and aim to provide consistency in lighting and reduce noise.

Adjustments to experiences have been guided by feedback from Autism Queensland.

Museum exhibits and interpretation

Exhibits and displays within the Museum are presented using a variety of modes ranging from text panels, multi-media, static object displays, audio, live performance, to interactive. The material presented in each exhibition or event will vary according to content and every effort will be made to provide material in a variety of modes suitable to the broadest possible audience. Support material will include where possible transcripts, subtitles and other material considered appropriate. Please enquire at the museum Ticket Office about the availability of large print guides for exhibition content.


We offer a free WiFi service for public use. This free WiFi service is available 7 days a week, to all visitors who have a WiFi enabled device, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.
To connect to the service search your WiFi networks then select Museum Free WiFi, read and accept the Terms & Conditions. No login is required.

WiFi Coverage

Museum Free WiFi coverage is available throughout The Workshops Rail Museum building, including Café and Ticket Office.

Sensory Friendly Map

Download the Sensory Friendly Map (150 KB) pdf document icon.

The Workshops Rail Museum Sensory Friendly Map (150 KB) pdf document icon

For more information 

If you have further questions about accessibility, please ask any of our staff members or

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