Bookings are essential to visit The Workshops Rail Museum. Find out more information here.

Frequently asked questions

Are you open?

Yes! In line with Stage 2 of the Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions The Workshops Rail Museum re-opened on 13 June for Annual Pass holders and on 15 June for the general public.

Have things changed? What can I expect when I visit?  
The health, safety and wellbeing of our visitors, volunteers and staff is our highest priority.  

We have developed a COVID-Safe Plan in accordance with mandated requirements of Queensland Health.

Things will be a bit different when you visit:   

  • Visitor numbers are capped in accordance with government guidelines.
  • Bookings are essential.  
  • Contact information is required for all visitors upon entry. No contact information, no entry. Thank you for your patience while you wait.
  • If you are unwell, we ask you not to enter and to please come back when you are feeling better.
  • Pack lightly and bring a water bottle, our cloakrooms and our water bubblers are closed at the moment.
  • We'll have signage and alcohol-based hand sanitisers available to help you practice social distancing and good hygiene.
  • Some displays and exhibits might be closed. Thank you for understanding.
  • We can only let a few people into our bathrooms at once. Please be patient and give priority to people with special needs.
  • Please follow the directions of our friendly staff. They are here to help and keep you safe.

Stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 information by visiting:     

Visitors with access needs 
If you experience difficulty communicating with staff due to social distancing barriers, please let us know and we will move to an alternate position for communication whilst maintaining social distancing requirements. 

Have your opening hours changed?  
The Workshops Rail Museum is open for two sessions, seven days per week until further notice.  

Bookings are essential. Book now.    

What will be open?  
Everything is open except for Nippers Railway, the Roundhouse Gallery, and platform 9 home corner.

Why do I have to book? Can’t I just walk up?
Bookings are essential. If you book, you are guaranteed entry at a specific session time.  

You can try your luck and wait in the queue, but we cannot promise there will be available capacity. Avoid potential disappointment and book now – it’s easy!    

I have booked a ticket, why do I have to queue?
We need to check all visitors in to the building.  

Please have your ticket ready for scanning upon entry for speedy entry (and maximum time at The Workshops Rail Museum). 

Contact information is required for all visitors upon entry. Save time by completing the Contact form before your visit and bring it with you. Contact forms will also be available on entry. Thank you for your patience while you wait.  

Can I stay longer than 90-minutes?

We get it. You love us and want to stay forever – and you can, you just need to book multiple sessions.  

You will however, need to exit the museum building at the end of each session, and re-enter at the beginning of the next session. You can have a coffee or a bite to eat in the café in between sessions.

We arrived late, can we stay longer? 
We all run late, and sometimes, it can’t be helped: you get stuck in traffic, your keys go missing.    

Unfortunately, you cannot stay longer, as we need to keep session times to 90-minutes each.  

If tickets are available, you can book in for another session. 

I’ve booked my tickets online, why do I have to give you my contact details? 
It’s the law.  

During the public health emergency in relation to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), The Workshops Rail Museum is considered a restricted business.  

In accordance with the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No.2) anyone operating a restricted business is required to keep contact information about all visitors and staff for contact tracing purposes for a period of 56 days. 

This information must include name, address, mobile phone and the date/time period of patronage. 

No contact form, no entry.  

We have made it easy by creating a Contact Form. Save time by completing the Contact form before your visit and bring it with you. Contact forms will also be available on entry.  

How will Queensland Museum Network keep my contact information safe?  
Queensland Museum Network takes privacy very seriously.   

We respect your rights and adhere to a strict privacy policy in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld).  

For more information, read our Privacy Policy or contact us at  

In accordance with the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No.2) the information you provide on the Contact Form will only be used for contact tracing purposes.  

Contact Forms will be stored securely and destroyed after 56 days or as otherwise mandated by Queensland Health.  

Help! I can’t print my tickets
No printer? No problems! Just show us your tickets on your mobile device.  

Please note, we need to scan the barcode on each ticket for entry.  Please have your mobile device ready for a speedy check-in.

Do I need to book a ticket to eat in Trackside Cafe?
No. The Trackside Café is open for dine-in with capacity limits. Access is via the Ticket Office, and you will need to complete a Contact Form.

Are you accepting cash?
We are cashless. Please pay by EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa.  

How are you monitoring capacity? 
 In accordance with our COVID-Safe Plan, capacity to The Workshops Rail Museum is limited.  

All spaces including galleries, amenities and the shop have clear signage to advise visitors of the capacity limits. Please follow the signs.  

Our staff monitor capacity limits within The Workshops Rail Museum regularly.  

Is cloaking available?  
No, please pack lightly.  

Can I visit in a group?   
Absolutely. We just ask that you maintain social distancing – both within your group and with others.  

Tickets to The Workshops Rail Museum are capped at six per person. 

If you would like to book for a larger group, call us on (07) 3432 5100.

What support is The Workshops Rail Museum providing for vulnerable people?   
The Workshops Rail Museum is dedicated to ensuring that all visitors have an enjoyable experience.   

We are here to help. If you experience difficulty communicating with staff due to social distancing, or if you require help completing the Contact Form please let our staff know so we can assist.   

Learn more about access and inclusion here.  

Can I host an event at The Workshops Rail Museum?    
Yes – we’d love to host you!  

For more information, visit our Venue Hire page, or email