Memorial and celebration catering

Plates of sandwichesBringing family and friends together to remember 

One of the most over looked until the last minute details surrounding a funeral, memorial service, celebration of life or a wake is catering and even the venue. During a time of loss, you can rely on the team here at the museum because we have ample space available and a great catering service to relieve stress and much of the burden.

When someone passes away, your whole world gets instantly upset and the amount of stress you’re instantly under feels truly insurmountable. So choose us to help. You won’t have to deal with catering, venue set up and the clean up afterwards. That’s our job.

Our venue is accessible and parking is free making it effortless for everybody at a time of sadness.

Bring your loved ones together comfortably and casually and celebrate the life of someone truly special.

Take comfort knowing that we handle the details for you, from preparing and serving the food and beverages to providing tables, chairs, linens and even floral arrangements if you choose. We also tidy up so you’re not left with the dirty work.

This is your time to relax and focus on spending time with your family and friends.

To help you in providing some comfort and nourishment to your guests, we’ve put together some helpful tips and things to consider to help ease your stress surrounding ordering catering for a memorial service reception.

  1. Pick a date and choose a space within the museum that suits you. Our team can help you to decide based on your needs.
  2. Choose the type of food you would like to offer, nibbles with drinks or a more formal celebratory meal, or something in between.
  3. Estimate how many will be in attendance.
  4. Advise if children are coming. We offer child-centric catering and a great space for them to run around safely.
  5. We will make sure your memorial catering reflects family traditions, culture or even favourite colours that may help to bring happiness, warmth and comfort to you and your guests.

Contact us today for trusted venue and catering for wakes, celebrations of life and memorial services. Call (07) 3432 5100 or email